Welcome to my web portfolio, a snapshot of my achievements, professional/academic projects, and travels.

My Story
People and places have shaped my professional path, influencing me to pursue work in government and urban planning. Being a part of both worlds, stepping into rural towns and cities where people have nothing but their smiles and families has made me strive to work in a field that creates livable communities.  Whether it be a small rural town in Peru or a city with complex infrastructure like New York City, cities constantly need some form of attention. We can always do more to create better places for people and the environment.

My diverse experience includes drafting campaign finance legislation in San Francisco to coordinating re-zonings in New York City. Two years of urban planning coursework and experience and more than five years of government experience provides me with a mix of technical and policy skills. I have a rare passion for gathering, organizing, and analyzing data, and use statistical packages and GIS to manipulate and visualize different types of datasets, which can be viewed in the Projects section.  Some research projects include Solar Financing in Berkeley, the Future of California’s Water Supply, and Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Food Vendors.

Whether it be identifying trends of low-income Asian immigrant residents in San Francisco or developing revitalization strategies for New York’s City’s waterfront, my research in public policy and urban planning is diverse, and I continue to look for more fascinating projects to be involved with.


I am constantly learning about the challenges that cities face and the possible solutions that may help to address these issues. It’s critical to know how other cities approach similar problems, and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

I am looking for opportunities that place people and the environment first. With these virtues in mind, I also believe in good design on paper and on the street.  We  anticipate about the changes and growth that will occur in the future, ensuring that present development can sustain future growth and have minimal impact on our natural environment.

From policy to design, I specialize in and am seeking infrastructure, environmental, and redevelopment opportunities. My hopes are to contribute to projects that enhance the health of our communities.